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AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE is a members-based education platform supporting original designer furniture and lighting in Australia.

Founded in 2010 we relaunched at VIVID Sydney in May 2016, with a new team and new program.

ADA believes design theft should be criminalised in Australia in-line with legislation recently introduced in Europe and Britain.

We advocate for extended design protection for furniture and lighting designers per the EU / UK  - inclusive of a 2 year grace period from the time of creation until the design must be registered; an extended design registration period (currently 5+5 years in AU should be minimum 25 years); and that automatic copyright be granted for furniture and lighting designs.

In April the U.K levied penalties of up to £50,000 /10 years jail for those selling fake designer furniture, so is it time for Australia to step up our game?


Presently the Australian Government enquiry into proposed Copyright laws has not been finalised. In June the ADA presented objections to proposed changes to Intellectual Property laws (ACIP)

  •  We coordinated 25 submissions from designers, design brands, manufacturers, importers and industry associations
  •  We briefed 10 attendees who appeared at Public Hearing in Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne in June 2016
  •  The Federal Government is yet to respond to the Productivity Commission report


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The Authentic Design Alliance exists to support the integrity of original, authentic design.

We are an association of like-minded design businesses and individuals, with membership open to those who share our beliefs.

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The ADA believes that supporting originality is paramount, and that :

* supporting original design will create opportunities to stimulate design-led innovation.

* original design is an investment, and copies, knock-offs and replicas undermine the future for Australian creative industries

* good design does not have to be expensive

* if you have $200 for a chair, find a $200 chair, not a $200 copy of a $1200 chair

* the current climate propelling a 'desiposable decorating culture' must end

* originals works designed and made by Australian designers, and manufacturers stimulate Australian industries and make a positive economic contribution

* support of authentic design is an ethical, practical and aesthetic decision which shows respect to the designer, the manufacturer and the distribution network and beyond

* replicas, copies and counterfeit designs contribute to a downward economic spiral. Fast food and fast fashion, like fast design - has an increasing human and environmental and purchasers (consumer and business) must take responsibility

*  replicas, copies and counterfeit designs invariably end up as landfill. Cheaper is not better and we must all take a stand for social responsibility when purchasing.

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