In response to the growing problem of design copies, the AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE was established in 2010 to raise awareness around the problems with design theft and replicas.

Founders CULT, Euroluce, KeZu, Living Edge and Stylecraft held a series of events and promotions to fight cheap copies of iconic designs.

Counterfeit designs are now endemic. Design copies have moved beyond iconic designs. Now Australian designers and design brands are also losing out to rip-off merchants, with knock-offs of local furniture and lighting designs flooding the market.

AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE is now an education platform

ADA founding showrooms passed the association to Anne-Maree Sargeant (AMS) in June 2015, to extend the program.

Assisted by a voluntary team of independent industry professionals, AMS researched industry issues, collating Australian case studies of businesses losing to copied and replica designs.

In November 2016, the AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE formally launches as an education platform to promote and support original Australian design, and authentic design products from global design brands.

As a members-based association, membership fees will fund advocacy, events, installations and promotions as we work collaboratively with the Australian design industry to promote original design.

Support original design. #getrealbuyrealsupplyreal #stopdesigntheft #replicaisfake

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