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2018-19 PROGRAM

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BECOME AN ADA® MEMBER // As a member-funded association, membership fees directly fund our advocacy, enabling the ADA change campaigns and education series.

We now need member support and industry collaboration to build a team to rollout out the key campaigns we’re developing. Learn more about some of our current priorities below.

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Supported by our affiliates the Australian Copyright Council and legal partners Banki Haddock Fiora Lawyers, our campaign will launch in March 2019, timed with Sydney Design Festival and Melbourne Design Week.

The petition will demand radically improved IP Protection via extended design registration periods, and for automatic copyright to apply to furniture, lighting and designed objects – as it does in other Australian creative sectors (art, photography, music, film, literature, architecture).

We also advocate for ‘replica’ furniture and lighting to be made illegal in Australia in line with new UK laws, requesting the removal of the legalities surrounding the word ‘replica’ in our sector.

This process will take time. Our Federal Government can’t see an economic problem, therefore can’t see a need for change. Consumers seem to think ‘the cheaper the better.’ Design and building industry professionals add to the problem by swapping out original designs for knock-offs.

With stakeholder and industry consultation – we will drive a strategic campaign in partnership with ADA members and affiliates. Please contact us now if you want to contribute.

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ADA Premium Platinum / Gold members can contribute to ADA strategy to help direct our activity. Information events will include input from different levels of industry.


Print advertising and sponsored social media campaigns will commence once we’re funded.

We thank the publications/design blogs who have pledged advertising and editorial support. Contact us to join our program.                


Many of our past talks have been recorded. Once our marketing team is in place we will launch the ADA Podcast series. All members will have free access.


Many design graduates and early-career design industry professionals think ‘replica’ as a trend.

Final year students at a leading university even engaged a knock-off retail chain to sponsor graduate shows. We held talks where students from three different states believe that retail network sells ‘design.’ They also didn’t know who Achille Castiglioni is.

Many early to mid-career interior design professionals don’t know design history. The practice of self-educating via social media mistakes ‘style’ or ‘trend’ to be ‘design’. This is clearly visible in social media comment streams.

Mainstream media journalists now report on design. Recent business stories began with “I have always aspired to own furniture from XYZ. They sell ‘quality replica’ furniture.”

Mainstream media don’t understand the problem with counterfeit design. And they’re promoting it. It’s our role to inform them. Grooming a journalist takes time. And persistence. The pressure on media to promote the cheapest possible alternative is increasing.


Workshops for designers, designer-makers, manufacturers, and interior design professionals will rollout nationally from March.

We held IP + Copyright workshops during Sydney Design Festival, Melbourne Design Week and DENFAIR. The workshops are presented in patnership with the Australian Copyright Council and legal partners Banki Haddock Fiora Lawyers.


Top tier members will have access to information events for their staff and clients. Availability is subject per venue/event type.


Our directory launches in March 2019, with a Beta version live late 2018.

To further promote original design, designer, maker and brands profiles will spotlight innovative products, processes and materials. ADA Design Stories will profile independent designers and heritage brands.


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