Sub Heading Part 1

AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE® members agree to our terms and conditions. Members also commit to supporting original design by promoting awareness about the damage design theft does to the future development of our creative industries, and the importance of valuing and investing in original products.

ADA® Membership will be revoked for the promotion, support, specification, sale or representation of any copy of an original design. If this happens unwittingly, and immediate rectification is in place, membership status can be retained upon review.

Please be aware that if you are ‘liking’ replica resellers on social platforms, your profile is visible to other members

Members commenting on social platforms agree to be informative and constructive in commenting. Emotive, abusive, and offensive language does not help promote our cause and will not be tolerated on social platforms.

Membership fees are non-refundable, and directly contribute ongoing to our advocacy, education, media campaign and original content for our blog.

Our T+C may be updated from time to time, please revisit this page to stay informed.



Sub Heading Part 1

MEMBERSHIPS include 12-month (renewable) licence for logo usage.

ADA® Members agree to usage terms listed below.

The Black ADA logo (not trademarked) is no longer valid, and must be removed from circulation.

AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE pty ltd logos are trademarked and protected by Australian trademark laws. AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE® full logo and ADA® Mark can appear in the colours listed below.

Membership and supporters are granted 12 months licence to our logos for email signatures, websites, print documents and promotional usage.

The licence permits Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum members to use our logos for (1x)Australian business entity. This is not transferrable to any third party or additional businesses owned by the member.

ADA® Logos must be orange and white or grey scale, and not altered shape or colour. Black ADA logos must be removed from circulation.

CYMK: 0-66-100-0
RGB: 242-119-33
HTML: #F37821

Membership fees are paid 12 months in advance, and should fees fall 30 days in arrears, usage rights are revoked, and ADA logos must be removed from all platforms.