Authentic Design Alliance


Sub Heading Part 1

  • PARTNERSHIPS + NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS //  Australian Copyright Council, Australian Design Centre, Design Canberra; Design Tasmania, Craft ACT, Factory Design District, Good Design Australia, JamFactory and Sydney Craft Week. Meet our AFFILIATE Partners


  • DESIGN EVENTS + INSTALLATIONS // VIVID Sydney; Women in Design (Design Tasmania), InDesign (Melbourne, Sydney), DENFair, Design Canberra Festival, Melbourne Design Week and Sydney Design Festival have hosted ADA events attracted 25,000 visitors 2016-2019.


  • TALKS + WORKSHOPS // More than 5,000 design supporters joined our events in the past 3 years. Get News + Event updates


  • HOME.GROWN. Discovering Australian Design // Held over 3 days during Sydney Design Festival 2019 more than 3000 visitors celebrated work by 175 local designers and 100 Australian brands - our first stand alone ADA design festival at the century old landmark Mungo Scott Flour Mill.


  • DESIGN-MADE. + 3 days of design // In partnership with Factory Design District, we launched our own 3-day design event in Sydney in 2017. Lear more at // Follow @design_made.



  • ADA vs AUSTRALIAN PCIP REVIEW // The ADA dedicated 9 weeks to driving submissions and presentations to the PCIP inquiry into Australian Intellectual Property laws. Supported by our legal partners Banki Haddock Fiora, we reviewed the 700+ page PCIP report, submitted a 5000+ word response. Read more here


  • RESEARCH + CASE STUDIES // The Government Productivity Commission report cited a lack of ‘empirical evidence' that Australian designers and business lose out financially to design theft – so we’re collating case studies and joining research groups. Read Case Studies


  • STATE GOV THINK TANKS + RESEARCH BODIES // ADA contributed to a research paper on how design increases manufacturing (delivered to the Victorian State Government); joined CREATE NSW (State Government) creative industries think tank; and Australian Copyright Council policy strategy roundtables. 


  • ADA Newspapers // Our Broadsheet newspapers have an annual circulation 20,000 copies to support our partners and promote awareness about original design - download or read ADA Newspapers here


  • EDUCATING JOURNALISTS + DRIVING STRATEGIC PR CAMPAIGNS // It can take a few weeks to educate journalists about the nuances of IP, design laws and the problems sourounding the replica industry. Mainstream media are not design literate and many business reports promote, support and seek comment from replica brands. We need our own team to continue this education.


  • STRATEGIC WORK ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA // Treading a fine line to avoid potential defamatory situations - we have successfully had 2 replica auctions and countless phoographic infringements wiped from social media and websites!


  • BANNING REPLICAS & COPIES FROM AUSTRALIAN TRADE FAIRS // Our 4-year plan to erradicate replicas from Decor+Design show (12,000 visitors annually) was achieved 12 months early (read more here); Our good friends DEN FAIR agreed to include a 'no copies' clause in exhibitor agreements, citing knock-offs will be immediately removed from the exhibition (7,500 visitors annually).