Sub Heading Part 1



  • Australia is known as the ‘Wild West’ of design copies and we call for radical improvements in Intellectual Property (IP) protection for furniture, lighting and object designs to support the creators, makers, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors of original (authentic) designs.


  • Supporting original products supports the future growth of the Australian design industry.


  • Investing in original (authentic) design is an investment in timeless style and enduring quality. Buy well, buy once. Make it last.

"Chose well. Buy once. Make it last."

Vivienne Westwood

  • Original designs are distributed by brands renowned for producing high-quality work; or self-produced by individuals and studios invested in quality output to create enduring products that are made to last, supported by warranties, repair guarantees and/or end of life-cycle programs.


  • Brands invested in the manufacture of authentic design ensure best practice in areas of sustainability and fair working conditions, using materials and processes that consider the least impact environmentally.


  • Support of authentic design is an ethical, practical and aesthetic decision that acknowledges the Intellectual Property of the rightful creator, the licensed manufacturer and authorized distributors.

"We have a moral obligation to question what we buy, why we are buying any product, why something is even produced.  We must also consider who made it and how."

Fiona Spence, SPENCE & LYDA

  • Creators and their manufacturers and distributors have a moral right to the income stream from royalties from sales of original works. The royalty percentage due to the creator (designer) is derived from a very small portion of the wholesale price, typically around 3% (Europe) to 7% (Australia).


  • Original products extend beyond the final design. Taking a product to market involves significant financial investment, research and development, production refinement, and marketing – that amount to several years of hard work by an extended supply chain.


  • This investment cycle must be protected from ‘design theft’ as not all products become ‘bestsellers’ or design classics. The rightful revenue from sales enables ongoing development of new collections enables our industry to thrive, develop and compete fairly in the global marketplace.


"Launching a single product employes a network.

A successful collection creates a sub-economy. Support original design!"