Sub Heading Part 1

AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE MEMBER CHARTER: Our members agree to uphold the following values:


  • Australia is now known as the ‘Wild West’ of design copies, and immediate steps must be taken to extend Intellectual Property protection to prevent ‘design theft,’ and sales of replica and knock-offs.


  • The future growth of the Australian design industry is anchored by the need to support original products.


  • Original design is an investment, an investment in timeless style and enduring quality.



"Chose well. Buy once. Make it last."

-Vivienne Westwood


  • Original designs are distributed by brands renowned for producing high quality work; or self-produced by individuals and studios invested in quality output; creating enduring products supported by warranties.


  • The manufacture of authentic design ensures best practice in areas of sustainability and fair working conditions, using materials and processes that consider the least impact environmentally.


  • Support of authentic design is an ethical, practical and aesthetic decision that acknowledges the Intellectual Property of the rightful creator, licensed manufacturer and authorized distributor.


  • The AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE supports the moral rights of the creator to the rightful income from royalties from the sale of original work. The royalty percentage


  • Original products are the result of entrepreneurial financial investment, research and development, production and marketing processes – amounting to years of hard work by an extended team.


  • This investment cycle must be protected from ‘design theft’ as not all products become ‘bestsellers’ or design classics. The rightful revenue from sales enables ongoing development of new collections enables our industry to thrive, develop and compete fairly in the global marketplace.