MDW 22 :: Find Us at FUTURES COLLECTIVE, Villa Alba Museum

Melbourne Design Week fiona Lyda & Jon Goulder

Occupying a heritage-listed building in one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs is Design Week’s most surprising and stellar exhibition.

The dilapidated 1880s mansion hosts a sublime showcase of innovative contemporary design and it is really something extremely special.  Broadsheet


Designed as a Sustainability narrative, Futures Collective has been created for Melbourne Design Week to showcase creators, makers and the stories behind the people, processes and works.

Conceived by Spence & Lyda to celebrate the MDW theme: Design For The World You Want, Futures Collective bands together award-winning local designer Jon Goulder; with Broached Commissions; Fiona Lynch Studios; Authentic Design Alliance; and international juggernauts Alvaro Catalan De Ocon and Lucy Kurrein; to do what Spence & Lyda do best – elevate mindful work and the spaces we inhabit, with crafted pieces of exceptional beauty and meaning.

Artwork by Otomys Gallery

Villa Alba Museum acknowledged as one of the most important examples of late nineteenth-century interior decoration in Australia, epitomises the timelessness of good design and offers an established and authentic backdrop in which to showcase the best of contemporary design ideas and exchange amidst a city so rich in dynamic design thinking and cultural heritage.

“We come out of a world of intensity and to be able to go to a place [that feeds] your soul is a really important part that furniture can play.”
Fiona Lyda, Spence & Lyda Creative Director

Innate Dining Table by Jon Goulder & Fiona Lyda | Artwork by Otomys Gallery

Fiona Lyda (left) and Jon Goulder (right) | Innate Coffee & Side Tables by Jon Goulder & Fiona Lyda | Artwork by Otomys Gallery | Plastic Ricers Rug by ACdO

Innate Desk by Jon Goulder & Fiona Lyda | La Lampe Frenchin table lamp by DCW Editions

Compagna Lounge Chair by Lucy Kurrein for Molinari Living | Ort side table by PINCH

Bibendum sofa by Lucy Kurrein for Molinari Living | Artwork by Otomys Gallery | Innate Side & Coffee table by Jon Goulder & Fiona Lyda

Fiona Lynch Work Shop X Future Archive collection

Broached Recall by Broached Commissions

Case Studies soft furnishing collection

REMNANTS coffee tables by Marlo Lyda

REMNANTS coffee tables by Marlo Lyda

FUTURES COLLECTIVE, Villa Alba Museum 17-26th March 2022:

Program, Bookings &

The antithesis of an assorted and eclectic bunch of products thrown together in the nearest available empty space, the Futures Collective project utilises one of Kew’s hidden gems, the exquisite Villa Alba Museum – with the pieces carefully curated and positioned to reflect and sit in harmony with the particular paint colours and extraordinary murals and friezes that distinguish the venue, which was built between 1882 and 1884 for Anna Maria McEvoy and William Greenlaw.

During Melbourne Design Week, the Villa will be home to a series of events:

19 and 26 March – Meet the Designers

This tour offers the opportunity to be introduced to the work and processes of the various designers involved, as they explain their philosophies and the stories behind their creations.

22 March – After Hours

Ahead of his NGV Members Lounge appearance on 24 March, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón will present the Plastic Rivers story, followed by music and the chance to view all the other pieces in the exhibition.

24 March – Alvaro in Conversation with AMS from the ADA // NGV

Bookings – NGV Members Lounge

From Spence and Lyda


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