AFFILIATION:: ADA x Image Makers Association Australia

We’re proud to announce our affiliation with the freshly minted industry body representing Australian photographic professionals – Image Makers Association Australia (IMMA)

Formed to counter copyright infringement and lobby for appropriate image licensing and usage, IMMA strives to create awareness about photographic copyright, appropriate rates and accreditation.

Led by Dianna Snape, an experienced advocate and lobbyist for photographic copyright and moral rights, learn more about IMMA Memberships in the link below.


Image Makers Association Australia represents professional and emerging photographers. Through education and industry connections. IMMA supports members in disputes over unlawful use of their images and moral rights infringements, collaborating with a diverse group of industry professionals to protect and promote the rights of professional photographers in Australia.

Digital platforms frequently use images they neither own nor create to monetise their business, grow followings and leverage for SEO. This is something the ADA network and IMMA Members encounter every week. Misrepresentation of brands, authenticity and reputation damage is only the beginning of this growing and damaging practice, one that’s become so commonplace it’s been normalised in business practice.

As a social enterprise creating awareness about the damage of design theft, the Authentic Design Alliance advocates for knockoffs, copies and replica furnishings to be criminalised as it has in many other jurisdictions.

Image Makers Association Australia’s affiliation with ADA sets up a unique opportunity for mutual support; It allows our organisations to collaborate as well as share information, education and promotional opportunities as we advocate for our respective Members and their creative practices.

Outside misrepresentation and unfair use, a direct loss of income by the image rights holder, often the photographer, is increasing. Creative practitioners and business owners are devoting too much time to countering copyright infringement, and via education and awareness, our organisations unite to fairly represent our member’s rights.


Over the past 15 years I have led collective advocacy, lobbying to uphold copyright and moral rights laws afforded to photographers under Australian Copyright Law.

These laws recognise the value images have to society historically and culturally, as well as the effort and time invested by the photographer and their rights to monetise and control their own content.

Dianna Snape, IMMA President

Image Makers Association Australia is led by Dianna Snape as President and a Founding Member of the Image Makers Association, alongside practising commercial photographers Brett Boardman (Vice President), Shannon McGrath (Treasurer), Jack Lovel (Secretary), with Rhiannon Slatter helming communications. 

As an Affiliate Partner, the ADA joins Arts Law, the Australian Copyright Council, and ADA Founders Stylecraft as supporters of the IMMA mission.

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