ADA AWARD :: Vivid Design Comp Finalists – See the Work

For our eighth year, the ADA proudly supports the 21st edition of Australia’s longest-running design competition, Vivid Design Comp, to promote opportunities for next-generation designers.

Open to designers with up to five years of experience, categories include market-ready and prototype furniture, lighting, and object designs.

Vibrant Visions in Design (vivid), curated by Latitude Group’s Daniel Dalla Riva, has kick-started the careers of many prolific Australian designers. 

Recognised as an important destination for the local and international design industry and media, the platform is a renowned showcase of early-career talent.

Supported design industry leaders and award category sponsors, including Laminex, Architecture Media, Artichoke Magazine, Circa, Dulux, Authentic Design Alliance, the Design Institute of Australia, and Houzz.

Visit the finalist installation in July at the Decor + Design show. Register to attend HERE, and follow vividdesigncomp for updates and winner announcements.

Join the winner’s announcement on Wednesday, July 17th at 3.00 pm. Free to attend with prior registration.



Cheeky by Maryam Moghadam
Cheeky stools reconcile humour with functional design to create playful user experiences. The stools simultaneously promote inclusivity and unity by representing various “skin colours” making up the collection.

Cheeky features a removable, upholstered cushion and aluminium frame, enabling re-upholstering and re-powder coating when required.


Bruce Coffee Table by Steven Chandler
A seamless hand-carved curved coffee table made of reclaimed old-growth hardwood (Messmate).

The timber was salvaged from a demolition site, de-nailed and brought back to life. The thought behind this design comes from the concept of recycling and the power of limitations.


Salt & Pepper by Carl Broesen
The ‘Salt & Pepper’ side tables are designed to use post-consumer HDPE from an assortment of milk bottles and shampoo bottles, an alternative material to marble.

Featuring machining and folding techniques, the speckled surface swirls seamlessly around the faceted bases up to a matching table top.


ELLE by Dirk du Toit
Crafted with precision and care, ELLE showcases the timeless beauty of solid timber, locally manufactured in FSC-Certified walnut or rock maple.

Every curve and angle reflects a careful balance between heritage and innovation, seamlessly merging details from traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge 5-axis machined timber forms.


Pixel Arches by Eamon Riley
This Bench Seat/Coffee Table is made entirely of approximately 15,000 genuine LEGO Bricks, with two-thirds of those pieces being the humble 2×4 brick.

I wanted to push the boundaries of how we view LEGO to be more than just a toy, especially with its striking array of colours.


Loom Lounge by Carl Broesen
The ‘Loom Lounge’ explores the technique of rag rug construction, utilising small textile offcuts to turn textile ‘waste’ into an alternative furniture upholstery.

The woven wire mesh and bent tubing provide a lightweight structure and a loom through which textiles can be woven.


Casper by Marty Whittle
A contemporary reimagining of a classic Japanese stool focused on exploring new manufacturing techniques.

This stool is a waterjet cut out of 25mm acrylic, and the material used is off-cuts from a large dairy industry project. No glue or screws were used in the making of this stool.


Basalt Set by James Walker
The ‘Basalt Set’ is a modular collection of stools that can be arranged to form a tessellating coffee table. The forms, extruded from naturally diffused shapes, are crafted from solid-engineered spotted gum.


Otto Sidetable by James Walker
Aptly named a palindrome, the ‘Otto side table’ embodies symmetry and balance. Crafted from Tasmanian Oak with a limeing white finish, the table’s soft edges were designed to inspire touch and seamlessly fit into any space.


Centrefold Table by George Davies
The ‘Centrefold Table’ seeks significance through form, exploring the relationship between function and feeling. It is characterised by honest materiality and balances permanence and utility.


Oplue by Hung Hin Chan
A modern centrepiece that combines functionality with artistry. Crafted with materials with history and a sleek design, minimal silhouette and versatile design.

Made by re-purposing materials from pre-existing objects, including reclaimed timber from Timber Revival, a vintage glass table, and offcut brass from a workshop.


Tied Together by Tess Pirrie

Tess is exploring her craft as a blacksmith, an anomaly in a typically male-led trade.

This bow-shaped chair highlighted the designer’s femininity and juxtaposed her process as a woman in a traditionally masculine craft space.


A Table For One by Jess Humpston
A table for one object, a table for one purpose. A companion table playing on the nostalgia of the unifunctional smoker’s table, updated for holding one’s drink.

Spun, tilted, heated, and poured, ‘A Table for One’ offers ambiguity of form when empty and presents purpose when occupied by its intended object.


Ballast by Jess Humpston
Lightness and solidity, space and tether: Ballast balances lightweight construction with solid stone batons anchoring to the ground.

Interlocking, collapsible joints hold each other, formulating a gridded structural system that allows for the interplay of light and shadow and visibility through the central framework.


The Limb Chair by Billie Civello

 ‘The Limb Chair’ is cast from aluminium and shaped from tree branches and sticks collected from routine walks along Merri Creek. It embodies a naive and playful form, capturing a sense of primitive and brutalist creativity.



Six Sticks by Kaspian Kan
Designed in consultation with neurodivergent communities, ‘Six Sticks’ prioritises sensory comfort. A natural timber frame cradles hand-dyed acrylic panels, which interplay with diffused lighting in a captivating wall display that soothes the soul.


Sun Tower Lamp by Haoqi Hong
This lamp followed the creation of a coffee table that responded to a historical research task. Reflecting the stained glass of Gothic cathedrals, I created a lamp with light and shadow play that further evokes its influence when paired with the coffee table. Made in Silky Oak.


Volu Lounging Lamp by Dominic Daly
The ‘Volu Lounging Lamp’ is where elegance meets illumination. Designed with graceful, soft curves, this ambient lamp transforms any space into a haven of tranquillity and warmth. Crafted to captivate, it exudes an aura of softness, inviting you to unwind and indulge in its gentle glow.


Studio Wall Sconce by Natalie Rich
Inspired by the geometry of local beach shells in both form and micro surface texture, the lamp sconce model and casting are handcrafted using the slip casting method in Limoges porcelain, with brass fittings for wired or hard-wired options.

A gentle layered surface is carefully preserved in the lamp sconce upon careful inspection.


Eter by Haoqi Hong
‘Eter’ conceals its light source like a covert alien spacecraft. Prioritising materials and meticulous craftsmanship, it merges robust concrete with delicate ceramic, embodying strength and fragility.

Over time, evaporating moisture unveils unique beauty as cracks delicately traverse the surface. It is a fitting addition to any dystopian dwelling.


Noa by Sarah van der Schans
‘Noa’ is a versatile design which allows for rotation and display from various perspectives, adding a dynamic and distinctive touch to your decor. Constructed with durable concrete, its eye-catching speckled design complements its angular form.

Paired with a glass diffuser from lighting distributor About Space, it aims to make a bold geometric statement.


Sol by Kieran Lewis
Breaking away from the conventional use of black and brass finished metals prevalent in the lighting market today, Kieran’s design employed less common materials.

The primary manufacturing method used was slip casting, utilising materials such as cement and ceramics to break the mould of conventional materials.


Lodoicea by Elliot Christmas
Lodoicea is an object inspired by the organic curvature and undulating form of coco de mer fruit, which grows on the Lodoicea palm, a native to the Seychelles.

This object is 3D printed from recycled PETG polymer, affording new life to an infinite material.


Ekin by Hung Hin Chan

Ekin transcends the ordinary, embodying the essence of artisan craftsmanship and designer elegance. Its minimalist silhouette and refined simplicity are made with precision and respect.

Ekin adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace, illuminating your tasks with grace.


Mozzarella by Amy Vidler
‘Mozzarella ‘is an object of sumptuous form and texture. It is intended to visually impact space with its surface tension and delicious glow.

The craftsmanship is meticulously executed with a silky smooth shade and polished stainless steel base. It is comforting and uplifting, just like an Italian cheese.


Ripple by Amy Vidler
‘Ripple’ is a decorative wall piece of amber light filtering through stone fibres. The undulating surface draped in woven thread interacts with the illumination and natural light sources, bringing water rippling under the moonlight to mind.

Ripple will be highly responsive to the surrounding environment and visually alter throughout the day and night.



Sorbet by Sze Yek
‘Sorbet’ acoustic panels were developed through the industrial design student’s Honours project, which features extensive materials research with waste materials and binders.

The design outcome: Sorbet acoustic panels are made from 100% laundered and upcycled household textile waste and bound with starch-based glue.


Spending Time with Friends by Elena Strohfeldt
This vase is a testament to the quiet victories that go unnoticed. In a world where achievements are measured by grandiose accomplishments, I am to turn the spotlight onto the mundane.

This vase symbolises a “gold medal” – a reward for overcoming the obstacles that make ordinary activities challenging.


Fjall Juicer by Fraser Greenfield
The ‘Fjall Juicer’ is Inspired by mountain peaks and designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. It boasts a sleek design that fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for comfortable juicing.

Its ceramic construction ensures longevity, while its minimalist yet rugged appearance adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.


Olympus Candles in Bush Wood by Grant Capriotti
This contemporary candle presentation celebrates the organic properties of the materials. Emphasis was placed on texture to create a natural aesthetic with surfaced magma finishes contrasted by smooth classic glazes.

The slip-cast ceramic vessels are refillable and reusable. They have bases made from raw, locally sourced bush wood from naturally felled trees.


SERVIO Side Plate by Kate Thaus
‘SERVIO Side Plate’ celebrates rare, loving conversations with those we mutually care immensely for, regardless of the type of love that relationship possesses. Heartfelt connection is manifested through a napkin and tea set. Historically, napkins were put under tea cups in ancient China, existing solely to serve others.


Lotus incense holder by Mark Lilly
The idea came about from encountering a vintage floor-standing ashtray. The outdated typology presented an opportunity to craft a new narrative centred around themes of wellness and ritual.

Hand-carved walnut evokes the form of a dried lotus pod, which is symbolic in many cultures of purity and enlightenment.


Dovetail Floor Vase by George Davies
The ‘Dovetail Vase’ derives its angular shape from its namesake, much like its construction method, which uses a simple slot joint. This enables dynamic mobility while preserving its expressive scale.


Yi by Hung Hin Chan
‘YI’ embodies the essence of purity and simplicity. The cylindrical form and lustrous brass finish create a stunning focal point for any space. A functional object that elevates your interior decor. Display it alone for a sculptural effect or fill it with flowers to enhance its beauty.



// SHIFT // by Kaspian Kan
A change of lens and a shift in perspective are all that are required to seek a world where differences are cherished as integral elements in the vibrant mosaic of human experience.

Inspired by autism, the interactive experience // SHIFT // highlights the brilliance within every unique vantage point.


The Re-peat Chair by Angus Armstrong Guy
The Re-peat chair is an innovative design handcrafted from over 2,000 recycled HDPE plastic bottle caps from the Brisbane community. These caps are transformed into plastic beams through repeated shredding and melting. The beams are bent and fixed into place, creating a comfortable and ergonomic seating solution.


MASS by Dirk du Toit
Crafted in FSC-certified oak, MASS is a striking blend of simplicity and substance. It embodies the essence of minimalism while making a bold physical presence. Offering both visual appeal and practical illumination, the warmth of the timber adds a natural touch, while the precise construction ensures durability and longevity.


Kora Pendant by Rachel Pattel
The ‘Kora Pendant’ explores form, materials, and process. Crafted from dark, unfinished cork, its circular shapes evoke the principles of the circular economy, symbolising sustainability and the interconnectedness of resources.

This product is intended to encourage conversations surrounding sustainable design.


Wishing Box by Eliza Radford
Growing up, my family would have roast chicken for dinner every Sunday. We would crack the wishbone each week and replace it for the following week. The ‘Wishing Box’ is a kitchen artefact that re-images the magic and rituals of my childhood into a tangible object.


Biophilic Lamp by Nysa Rohatgi
A reimagined Bankers Lamp, blending timeless elegance with nature’s touch, featuring oxidised brass and olive green glass. It is meticulously handcrafted and fuses traditional techniques like English Wheeling with modern CNC methods.

Striking a balance between functionality and statement, it explores lost hand-forming techniques, resulting in a uniquely whimsical piece.


The Fiesta by Leyan Jin
This chair lies across the line between furniture and sculpture. It is a remake of an abandoned chair found in Melbourne.

It tells a moment of joy at a home party. Friends had gathered, each soul cradling a glass brimming with laughter and alcohol, to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.


The Wrong Puzzle by Leyan Jin
Aiming to challenge the traditional relationship between people and furniture, this chair lies across the line between furniture and sculpture. It is a remake of two abandoned chairs that I’ve found in Melbourne. It tells a romantic tragedy—a relationship filled with conflict, dissonance, inconsistency, and frustration.


Constellation Tapware by Grant Capriotti
This tapware set is based on a constellation of four-point stars. The depth of the arc transitions between the four points of the hyper-pointed taps is adjusted for the spout, which, once extruded, creates a unique profile complementary to the taps.

This prototype substitutes machined alloy with acrylic and resin.


Ngooringa Pendant by Grant Capriotti
The ‘Ngooringa Pendant’ is a stylised homage to the spectacular Australian wildflower, the Sturt Desert Pea (indigenously known as Ngooringa).

These scaled interpretations were designed with high-end, contemporary aesthetic intent. In these prototypes, the glass and metal components were substituted with acrylic, allowing for colour, texture and finish experimentation.


Helio Lamp by Grant Capriotti
Inspired by the motion of plant parts in response to the sun’s direction, the asymmetric, cantilevered top has full rotation, allowing the user to refract light in any direction.

Spun aluminium forms the top and base, which house a rechargeable light source, which is surrounded by a 3D-printed internal support structure.


Eclipse Chair by Grant Capriotti
Finished in Tasmanian Blackwood veneer with custom upholstered cushions, ‘Eclipse’ is a contemporary armchair incorporating technology and traditional materials to create a sensory furniture experience.

Concentric discs form a leaning surface, house Bluetooth speakers, and provide a 360-degree light source, creating a halo effect around the user and environment.


01100011 01101000 01100001 by Hung Hin Chan
This is a physical representation of human creativity in digital algorithms and a reflection on the influence of future AI on our daily existence while it is invisible and intangible to us.

It explores the relationship between AI and humans, self-reflection on our data-driven narratives, and sparks conversations about data’s role in our lives.


Rope Lounger by Carl Broesen
The ‘Rope Lounger’ investigates juxtaposing the precision technology of CNC freeform tube bending and the traditional handcraft of macramé to create a strong, functional, and comfortable lounger.

Inspired by the sculptural forms of Australian designer Clement Meadmore’s corded furniture, it is a sensory experience.


Magic Rails by Benjamin Jay Shand
‘Magic Rails’ is a new coat stand system we developed to be as unobtrusive as possible by positioning a pair of extruded acrylic cylinders on the ground to float a welded aluminium frame above. To level and brace the system, these elements are carefully cored and tapped with blind screws.