ADA TALK :: Authentic Design & Sustainable Choice in Circular Practice

Please join us at our talk next month at Design Show Australia, where we will delve into why authentic design is THE most Sustainable Choice. 

This discussion will provide practical insights on how investing in licensed products is critical to circular practice, benefiting your business and the environment-authorised product.

The Friday talks, themed “Future-Forward Design,” explore how design evolves in response to the changing world.


We unpack why authentic design is the most sustainable choice and how investing in licensed products is critical to circular practice. 

By purchasing authentic products, we support brands committed to circularity through the production, manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales cycle. We will also examine the negative impact of using knock-offs and dupes instead of products and why specifiers and end-users must advocate for sustainable, long-lasting solutions over short-life-span alternatives.

Join Authentic Design Alliance director Anne-Maree Sargeant (AMS) in conversation with two furniture industry stalwarts: David Hartikainin, Space/Poloform Head of Interiors, and Guy Walsh, Sustainability Strategist for Living Edge. Guy also leads LivingOn, a program that takes a 360-degree approach to circularity.


AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE talk for Design Show Australia, ICC Sydney                                                          

Friday 14, June (10.30 am – 11.30)                                                                                                                              

Design Talks Stage // ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR—To receive a free access code to the show, please email us via the contact form below.   


Anne-Maree Sargeant (AMS), Authentic Design Alliance director, Design-Made podcast host 

With almost three decades of experience in the design industry, AMS is a passionate advocate, curator, journalist, speaker, and creative problem solver. She fuses her background in law and design as the director of Authentic Design Alliance® (ADA), a for-purpose industry association leading the fight against fast furniture in Australia and promoting the value of investing in original and sustainable products.


Guy Walsh, Sustainability Strategist, Living Edge

With more than 15 years of experience in the contract furniture industry, Guy has helped global organisations deliver LEED and WELL-certified fit-out projects in the UK and Australia. As a Sustainability Strategist, Guy leads the Living Edge programme ‘LivingOn’. He passionately advocates for the circular economy and its potential to create a paradigm shift in how we consume furniture products. Living

David Hartikainen, Space & Poliform Head of Interiors and Business Development Asia Pacific

In almost two decades with Space Furniture, David is a highly regarded leader in the interior field, having worked in the design industry in many capacities. He is also a Guest lecturer in Interior Design, Design Management, and Sales Presentations. Trained in a Bachelor of Design focused on Interior Design, he also holds Certificate IV Training and Assessment focused on Education and Workplace Training.

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