IP Australia Forum December 2019

IP Australia Forum December 2019

The ADA® joined a day long forum at University of Sydney this week, where IP Australia chaired stakeholder-led consultation into the ongoing ACIP review into design systems.

Whilst the invited group spanned academics, representatives from peak industry bodies including the DIA, Good Design Australia and the [AdA], we expressed concern that the inclusion of only one designer and two retailers did not offer fair industry representation for the furniture industry.

We raised issues about the lack of representation by importers, manufacturers and exclusive distributors of widely copied products. IP Australia team members worked with groups in a moderated brainstorm of both current problems and potential solutions, the most radical suggestions being to scrap the existing system and start again, and the director general has pledged further consultation with ADA® stakeholders in early 2020 – more on that soon.

Groups were encouraged to apply blue sky thinking to potential solutions that varied widely – including a ‘Crap Tax’ applied to short lifespan products, a ‘Design Star Rating’ akin to energy ratings on electrical products, tax and other incentives for encouraging and rewarding local content, the introduction of copyright protection, education around the creator’s rights to be paid, and one of the most popular suggestions – scrap the existing system entirely and build a new one with current industry needs considered.

Bearing in mind the designs review encompasses other design disciplines inclusive of fashion, and the research involves casting a wide net.

IP Australia Forum December 2019

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IP Australia Forum December 2019 Fenella Kernabone

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