As a member-funded association, membership fees directly fund the ADA® campaign to outlaw design theft. A new DIAMOND tier will apply after October for members with more than 1x Australian business entity. New benefits include a Platinum upgrade offer for members with 2 or more Australian brands valid until September 30,2018!

AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE ® members enable our ongoing education and event program to support the best future for the Australian furnishing sector.

Our goal is that counterfeit furniture and lighting will be made illegal in Australia, and promote awareness about the value of original products and the importance of investing in authentic design.

The ADA® agitates for radical changes to Intellectual Property (IP) laws and increased protection for the creators, makers, distributors and retailers of authentic design - and for the word 'replica' to be eradicated from our industry.

" The fact that one can buy a 'replica' Tom Dixon light in Australia is so deeply embarrassing" Ross Gardam, Vault Magazine

We now need a full-time team to roll out the ADA® education program and advocacy. Please help us to affect real change to support the future development of a thriving contemporary design industry.

Individual memberships // $180+gst (professional), $70+gst for design-loving consumers.

Business memberships // Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze memberships reflect the type and size of businesses.


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BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE - Platinum Offer (until Sept 30)
PLATINUM Promotion currently extends AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE ® logo licence permissions for members to use ADA TM logos for up to two Australian brands (until September 30, 2018)
From October, a DIAMOND tier applie for Members with 2 or more Australian business entities.
Global Partner Offers for international brands will launch IN the next month.
Please contact us for more information.


DIAMOND - for members with 2 or more Australian business entities (from October 2018)

PLATINUM - full strength support for less than the cost of 1 page magazine advertisement - Join here

GOLD - for less than 2 coffees per week! Join here

SILVER - help stop design theft for $5/day Join here

BRONZE - less than $2.50/day - Join here



INDIVIDUAL - sign me up now! Join here

SUPPORTER - design-loving consumer - Join here


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Members agree to Terms & Conditions pertaining to ADA logo licence and the ADA charter
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