HAVE A SAY :: IP Australia Fee Review Closes July 02

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A one-in-four-year opportunity to contribute to the IP Australia fee review closes Sunday, July 02.

Public comment on existing and proposed fee structure and associated charges helps inform an internal IPA review during 2023-24.

While not every submission will result in immediate fee changes, public input may feed into a longer-term strategy on IPA agency objectives and be included in a future fee review. 

Those submitting may have further opportunities to elaborate their thoughts during the internal review phase.


HOW TO SUBMIT (by July 2nd)

Submissions can be made directly to IPA (here), and we request you email us a copy so we can include your input in our report.

In direct submissions, please note your connection to the Authentic Design Alliance in the survey. This assists us with measuring outcomes and future needs.

Alternatively, schedule a call with us via the form below.

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