CASE STUDY // Don’t Ask Designer-Makers to Copy Original Designs!!

What happens when credible studios or makers unwittingly accept a commission to produce what they believe to be original work only to later discover the project is a knock-off? Hot off the heels of the scenario last [...]
Miss Glass Home clothes airer

CASE STUDY // Miss Glass Home x Aldi Knock-offs

Retailer ALDI Australia advertised a near identical product to one created by the Melbourne-based brand Miss Glass Home. The story then went viral as social media feeds lit up with many views on the growing problem of big business knocking-off original work by independent design brands and local creators. ROBBED ON HOME TURF These David vs […]
Authentic Design Alliance why do Australian institutions buy


National Gallery Australia: NGA x Replica furniture As the problem with design theft escalates it's clear that many national gallery, museum and public institution decision-makers simply don't know what's real and what's fake. Either that, or they simply don't care. But, sadly, replica furniture resides in many galleries and public institutions in Australia. Authenticity is […]